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Cheri Dotterer

Dotterer Educational Consulting
Confusion surrounding dysgraphia is just not right.
No child should have to struggle with a writing disability.
It can be overcome with proper modifications.
I believe that if you desire a classroom of students who read and write proficiently, understanding dysgraphia is essential to student success.
For years I felt incompetent writing effectively.
Arm and hand pain, spelling difficulty, and written articulation stopped me from attempting to overcome my writing problems.
As a school-based occupational therapist, teachers kept asking me, “What is dysgraphia?”
I gave them a definition but had no idea how to apply it to the classroom.
That’s how Dotterer Dysgraphia Method was developed.
I help regular education, learning support teachers, and occupational therapists design innovative lessons to support these students.
Thank you, I’m Cheri Dotterer of cheridotterer.com.